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The history of Nepali music in the context of Bhutan has nowhere been precisely found documented in the book of history or literature. But as far as the contemporary music is concerned & given the informal researches done by a few elite people in the Nepali literary circle of the Bhutanese community in diaspora, which has so far come only in the form of a piece of writings, the history of practice of contemporary Nepali music among the Nepali speaking people of Bhutan does not go long beyond the early ’80s.

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At BAMA, we make music lessons accessible for artists from all over the world. Our doors are open to the students of all ages and any levels of experience. Our mission is to develop individuals, inspire creative passion, and increase artists' self-confidence.

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If you want to dip into the fascinating world of music but don`t know how to play musical instruments and are unsure where to start, you definitely need to contact us! Our experts provide professional, practical, and theoretical music instructions that will help you choose the right direction.

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